CGI Animated

CGI Animated
OMG3Q CGI Trailer

OMG3Q CGI Trailer

Technical: Characters / Environments / Concept Art / Trailer / Animation

The 3D modeling process creates a digital object that can be animated. It’s an essential procedure for special effects and character animation. Incom Studio use 3D models for different mediums, such as engineering, video games, commercial ads, illustration, architecture, and movies.

  • Model & Texture.
  • Character animation.
  • Detailed background and scenery.
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (1)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (2)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (3)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (4)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (5)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (6)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (7)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (8)
OMG3Q CGI Trailer (9)


CGI animated production - The Workflow process at InCom Studio by professionals.

  • 13D Product Animation Brief
    The brief also includes a script or storyboard, video references as well as notes on visual effects.
  • 2Product 3D Model for Animation
    Incom Studio artists start creating a 3D model of the product for animation — it should be accurate, light, and as realistic as possible.
  • 3Checking a 3D Scene and Camera Path
    Our specialists build a scene and fill it with 3D models in grayscale, including the main product one. Next, the animators design a camera path and the movements of the objects.
  • 4Approving Materials and Textures
    3D modeling artists start working on setting realistic lighting and applying textures and materials. The Incom Studio team confirmation that the product looks just like in real life.
  • 5Final of 3D Product Animation
    Incom Studio specialists start the final rendering process in FullHD 1920 x 1080 resolution. It takes 5 to 10 days via a render farm depending on the length of the 3D product animation. And photorealistic CG video is ready.

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